5 Tips to Reduce Heating and Cooling Bills

The cost of running a home heating and cooling system can take up a significant part of many household budgets. Use these top tips to lower heating and cooling costs in your home. 1. Improve Insulation Homes that have more insulation trap heat in winter, with the result that you need to spend less energy and less money heating your home. In summer, insulation also has a beneficial effect, trapping cool air inside the house and preventing heat transferring from the outside. [Read More]

Why Isn't My Air Conditioning Unit Cooling The House?

Do you use a ducted air conditioning system to cool your home? Your air conditioner is designed to run in cycles to cool every part of the house, and these cycles often last for a few minutes. The system runs until the desired temperatures are achieved, then go off for some minutes and turn back on as per the thermostat settings. However, if the system is running throughout and the cooling needs aren't being met, then you should be concerned. [Read More]