HVAC Installation and Maintenance

Why Isn't My Air Conditioning Unit Cooling The House?

Do you use a ducted air conditioning system to cool your home? Your air conditioner is designed to run in cycles to cool every part of the house, and these cycles often last for a few minutes. The system runs until the desired temperatures are achieved, then go off for some minutes and turn back on as per the thermostat settings.

However, if the system is running throughout and the cooling needs aren't being met, then you should be concerned. Other than increasing the energy costs, the system will be overworked, reducing its lifespan significantly. So when you notice this issue, you should consider contacting a technician to handle the air conditioning repairs. The expert will examine the system to identify the cause of the problems and fix it right away. Some common causes include the following:

Air duct leakage

The cold air your air conditioner produces travels via the ductwork to get to the rooms. As you continue to use the cooling system, the ductwork seals or insulation can become loose, causing the cool air to escape instead of being channelled to the designated areas. This means that your rooms will not be cooled as desired. So if you notice that your rooms aren't being cooled and the air ducts are old, consider calling your HVAC technician to do an inspection right away. This way, the leaks will be sealed right away so you can get the cool air.

Ice build-up

Ice can build up in your air conditioner for several reasons, such as dirty filters or coils, which leads to inadequate airflow. If you notice that the AC isn't providing cool air as desired, consider cleaning the coils and filter and see if the airflow problem will be fixed. An expert can handle this task on your behalf. If ice has been building up, then they'll run the fan to melt it.

Thermostat problems

An AC's thermostat is designed to act as the unit's guide when it comes to cooling the house. However, if the component malfunctions, it will not operate as desired. Experts recommend that you check the thermostat if the air conditioner isn't cooling. If the display is blank, then you can be sure that a certain component has malfunctioned. Also, the batteries in the component can die over time, among other problems. The first thing you should do is to change the thermostat batteries, but if this doesn't fix the issue, consider contacting an expert to conduct a thorough inspection and fix any underlying issues.