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Two Steps a Retailer Can Take To Get Ready for the Installation of Their New Air Conditioner

Here are two steps a retailer can take to prepare for the installation of a new air conditioner on their premises.

They Should Clear the Areas Where the Air Conditioner Installation Will Be Taking Place

When the HVAC contractor visits a retailer's premises to evaluate it and discuss the upcoming air conditioner installation, they will point out the specific areas in which they'll be fitting various parts of the new HVAC system (such as its vents or split system units). After having this conversation with their HVAC contractor, a retailer in this situation should then prepare these areas for the installation work. This might mean that they may need to temporarily relocate any large shelving units or display stands that are in these spots. This will make the areas easy for the contractor to access throughout the installation which will, in turn, enable them to work faster. It will also mean that at no point during the installation will the contractor need to spend time moving these features out of the way themselves.

The retailer should also remove any merchandise from these areas, even if the merchandise is small and probably won't be in the contractor's way. The reason for this is that when fitting air conditioning ducts behind a wall or attaching a split system to a wall, the contractor's actions may create a lot of dust. This could land on the merchandise and make it too dusty and dirty to sell.

They Should Talk to Their Contractor About Ways to Minimise the Effect the Installation Has on Their Business Operations

A retailer who's having an air conditioner installed should also talk to their contractor about how they might minimise the effect the installation has on their business operations. This is especially important if the premises are large and the installation of the air conditioner will probably take several days. If the retailer needs their business to stay open when the installation is happening, they should tell the contractor about the times of day when their shop is at its least busy and potentially discuss having the installation work done during these periods.

Having the contractor only work during the premises' quiet periods could result in the installation taking longer. If so, the retailer may then need to tell the contractor which parts of the air conditioning system they would like the contractor to prioritise installing. For example, if the retailer runs a boutique and is having air conditioning units put in their dressing rooms, as well as on the shop floor, they may need to have the former put in first so that they can make the dressing rooms available to the customers again as soon as possible.

Additionally, they may need to talk to the contractor about any legal noise limits that exist in the area where the premises are located and ensure that the tools the contractor uses to fit the air conditioning system won't exceed these limits.

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