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4 Reasons to Choose Air Conditioning Over Ceiling Fans

With so many parts of the country liable to experience high temperatures for much of the year, it's vital for most Australian homes to have some method of keeping cool. Many people still opt for ceiling fans over air conditioning, mainly because fans are cheaper. However, air conditioning systems offer a variety of compelling advantages over ceiling fans that make them more than worth the investment.

Here are just four reasons to choose air conditioning over ceiling fans.

1. Cooling Beats Ventilation

Ceiling fans can make you feel cooler by circulating air over your skin, which allows your body to cool itself more effectively through perspiration. However, they don't actually cool the air itself. They simply move it around. Air conditioners actually lower the temperature of the room, and their added power means you can stay nice and cool, even during hotter days. 

2. Won't Dehydrate You

One thing many people don't know about fans is that they aren't recommended for use in extremely hot weather. Through the process described above, they speed up the rate at which moisture from perspiration evaporates from your skin. On particularly hot days, this can actually increase the rate at which you dehydrate and create an electrolyte imbalance. With air conditioning units, this isn't a problem. You can use one on even the hottest of days without having to worry about suffering any heat-related issues.

3. Superior Control

Ceiling fans offer very limited control options. You're basically just looking at a set number of speeds, so you can't aim for a specific temperature. With an air conditioning unit, you can set the exact temperature you want and let the system maintain it throughout the day. The latest air conditioners even offer extra features that allow you to control the system remotely, so you'll be able to get your home nice and cool before you even step back inside.

4. Superior Air Distribution

Even though ceiling fans work by circulating air, their limited power means the effects won't be noticeable unless you're relatively close. This might be fine for smaller rooms, but ceiling fans will struggle to circulate air around larger spaces. Air conditioners are more powerful, so you can cool each room from wall to wall. When you walk into a room that has a ceiling fan, you'll need to get close to feel any effect. When you walk into a room that's using an air conditioning system, you'll immediately notice the difference.

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