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Four Safety Benefits Of Regular Boiler Servicing

Boiler servicing is an important part of any boiler installation and should be performed on a regular basis. Boiler servicing is a process where the boiler is inspected for any faults that could cause it to break down or fail.

Boiler servicing also allows the installer to see if there are any worn-out parts that need replacing. It also provides an opportunity for the installer to check the fuel efficiency of your boiler, ensuring that it is operating at maximum efficiency.

Here are four safety benefits of regular industrial boiler servicing:

1. Regular Boiler Servicing Prevents Boilers From Exploding

Boilers can explode if they are not serviced regularly. If you do not clean away any sediment build-up and other debris, this can cause the pressure inside the boiler to increase until it cannot be contained anymore and causes an explosion. Boiler system maintenance also prevents the build-up of methane gas and carbon monoxide, which can cause explosions as well. 

2. Regular Boiler Servicing Prevents Build Up Of CO

Boiler servicing ensures that your boiler works efficiently by ensuring that all parts are working properly together as well as making sure there are no leaks in any pipes or valves around the system. It will also make sure there are no blockages in the flue pipe which could cause a build-up of carbon monoxide gas (CO). If CO levels get too high it can kill people who inhale it. The flue pipe should be inspected regularly by an expert so they can spot any potential problems early on.

3. Regular Boiler Servicing Ensures Safety Measures Are Up To Date And Working Properly

Servicing your boiler will include an inspection to make sure all safety features are working correctly and providing maximum protection for you and your family. This includes all safety valves, pressure relief valves, and temperature sensors among other things — all of which help prevent accidents such as scalding injuries caused by excess water pressure build-up when filling up a bathtub or sink with hot water and also avoid fires caused by faulty flues.

4. Regular Boiler Servicing Reduces The Risk Of Corrosion 

If a boiler has not been serviced regularly, the internal parts of the boiler will corrode and become weak over time. This could lead to leaks and holes in your pipes, which could lead to flooding or fire damage. Boiler system maintenance includes a visual inspection of the boiler and its components. This helps to find any problems early on so they can be rectified before they cause any damage to your building or staff.

To find out more about the safety of your industrial boiler or for information about boiler pipework installation or boiler pipework, fabrication chat with an HVAC expert today.