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Why Install a Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning System?

While ceiling cassette air conditioning systems are often used in commercial buildings, you can also install this kind of cooling system in your home. How does a ceiling cassette air conditioner work? What are the benefits of using it?

What Is Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning?

Ceiling cassette air conditioners work on a split-system basis. These systems have an outdoor condenser that supplies cooled air to one or more indoor air conditioning units. Some products also have reverse-cycle capabilities so that you can use them to heat your home in winter.

Regular split-system indoor units typically sit at or on a wall. However, you install cassette units on a ceiling in a recessed position so that their vents are flush with the ceiling itself. The system spreads cooled air from the top of the room rather than from the sides.

What Are the Benefits of Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning?

Split-system air conditioning can cool one or more rooms in your home effectively and efficiently. Ceiling-based cassette systems add some additional advantages over wall-mounted options.

For example, you don't have to worry about finding space for a unit in a room if you mount it on a ceiling. If you use a wall-mounted system, then you'll have to put a unit somewhere on a wall. So, the air conditioning unit will take up space that you could have used for furniture or simply kept clear. Plus, these units are hard to hide, and you might not like the way they look.

If you use a ceiling cassette system, then you don't lose any wall space at ground level. Each unit sits on unused space on a ceiling. Plus, these units are much less visible. You only see them if you look up. Vents tend to be smaller than wall-mounted units. Their recessed position gives them a more subtle look.

You'll also see an increase in efficiency and energy use if you run your cooling from your ceiling. Wall-mounted units take longer to cool a room. They cool from the inside out, so you'll have to wait for the air to filter across before you get a comfortable temperature in the whole room.

Ceiling cassettes spread cooled air from a height. Their air comes out from all sides of the unit. So, you get 360-degree coverage as soon as the unit starts working. Your rooms will be cooler faster, and you might not have to run your air conditioning as much. This could reduce your power costs.

To find out more about how ceiling cassette systems work, contact air conditioning contractors.