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Reasons to Heat and Cool Your Home Using a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Does your house boast a passive design? A passive house describes a house that requires little to no additional heating and cooling to provide a comfortable thermal environment for its occupants.

If you live in an old or newer home that lacks passive design features, mechanical heating and cooling are an absolute necessity. But which residential heating and cooling system should you choose?

Various heating and cooling options exist for the residential building market. Each option has specific attributes, with pros and cons you should look at to make an informed decision. Highlighted below are some reasons to consider this kind of home heating and cooling.

Year-round thermal comfort

If you're looking to heat and cool your home using the same equipment, a reverse cycle air conditioner is the real deal. This type of air conditioner does what all air conditioning systems do in summer — cool your home. In winter, it does the reverse — add warmth to the home.

Consequently, you can keep your indoor living environment comfortable all year long without switching between two separate pieces of equipment.

Energy-efficient heating and cooling

In terms of energy efficiency, reverse cycle air conditioners beat traditional air conditioning systems hands down. These two-in-one heating and cooling systems feature heat pump technology, which allows them to move heat from ambient air inside or outside of your home, depending on what season it is.

Reverse-cycle systems extract heat from your indoor air and dissipate it outside, keeping you cool in summer. In winter, they draw heat from the outdoor air and distribute it throughout your home, keeping you warm.

Cost-effective heating and cooling solution

Although the upfront costs of reverse cycle systems are on the expensive side, the long-term financial savings due to lower energy consumption justify the investment. 

Once installed, a reverse cycle air conditioner will only require regular maintenance to serve you well for many years. If you are choosing a heating and cooling system for your permanent home, spending more now to save money over the long run is a good deal.

Choosing a heating and cooling system for your home is a big decision. The right system will keep your home comfortable throughout the year while saving energy and money. The wrong one will do the opposite — deliver unreliable and inefficient heating and cooling performance in times of need.

To take the guesswork out of the home heating and cooling system selection and installation process, contact your local HVAC contractor.