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3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Used Industrial Boiler Systems

If you need to replace your company's industrial boiler, then buying a used system can be an effective solution. Used boilers cost less. You can often get one in place faster than if you had to wait for a new system to be delivered.

However, before you start looking at used models, make sure to ask suppliers the following questions.

1. Is the Boiler Reconditioned?

If you buy a used boiler that hasn't been reconditioned, then you won't know if the system has any faults or problems until you install it and try to use it. If the boiler does need a repair, then you'll have to pay to fix the problem. This increases your costs and reduces some of the savings you originally made.

Reconditioned boilers are a better bet. Here, the supplier puts the system through various checks. They don't just check that a boiler works; they also often replace problem parts and, in some cases, retrofit upgrades and improvements. For example, the supplier should check whether key parts, such as tubes, gaskets, wiring, controls and burners, all work. If they don't, they'll make necessary repairs or replacements.

If the boiler you want to buy has been through a reconditioning process, then it is more likely to work the way you want. You shouldn't have any problems that increase your purchase costs.

2. Do You Get a Warranty?

You shouldn't buy used industrial boilers that don't have some kind of warranty or guarantee. If you don't get this protection, then you won't get any help if the boiler develops a problem in the short to medium term.

While you might not get the longer-term guarantees you get with a new system, you should get cover for a significant period. Some suppliers offer 6- or 12-month warranties, for example. Make sure to check the small print here. The things that aren't covered are just as important as the things that are.

3. Can You Lease to Buy?

If you aren't sure if a used boiler will work for your business, then look for suppliers who offer lease-to-buy options. Here, you effectively rent the system for a period of time. At the end of the lease term, you either pay the rest of the purchase cost or you own the boiler.

This leasing system helps you see if the boiler works for you. If it doesn't perform or isn't quite right for your needs, then you can return it and start over with a new model.

For more information, contact used industrial boiler systems suppliers.