HVAC Installation and Maintenance

4 Signs That Air Conditioning Requires Repair

All air conditioning systems require occasional repairs. By getting problems fixed as soon as they arise, you can prevent them from turning into more serious issues. Here are a few signs to look out for that you might need to call an HVAC repair service soon.

1. Inadequate Cooling

There are many reasons why an air conditioning system might fail to cool your home as much as you need. If it is a ducted system, then a tear in the ductwork could be allowing cooled air to escape into the crawl spaces or attic of your home. Alternatively, there could be something wrong with the condenser which means that it cannot cool the air to the required temperature.

Before you call a repair service, take a moment to check that the temperature settings are correct. If you are sure that you have set the unit up correctly and yet it is not cooling your home properly, call an air conditioning repair company to find out what the problem is.

2. High Energy Bills

Perhaps your air conditioning system is managing to cool your home, but in the process, it is using much more energy than it used to. You should always keep an eye on how much you are spending on energy each month, as a rise in costs can be a sign that your air conditioning system is not working efficiently.

Do not put off calling an HVAC repair service when you face rising energy bills. A professional tune-up of your system could save you money in the long run by allowing your air conditioning system to work more efficiently.

3. Bad Smells

If your air conditioning smells musty or rotten when you turn it on, then it is likely that there is mould growing inside the unit. Not only is mould a potential health hazard, but it is also a sign that excessive moisture is collecting inside the system.

Sometimes, the fix for a foul-smelling air conditioner is simply to change the filters, where mould spores and other types of air contaminants collect. However, if this does not help, then you should call an air conditioning repair service.

4. Strange Sounds

Air conditioning systems should not rattle, grind or pop when they are in use. If you hear your system making unusual noises, call a repair service as soon as possible. It could be that a part of the system is on the verge of wearing out.