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Your Step-By-Step Guide to Boiler Installation

When you need a new boiler, you might feel overwhelmed at the thought of going through the boiler system installation process. This step-by-step guide explains everything you need to do.

1. Find an Installer

The first step to getting a new boiler is to find the right service to work with. It is often worth having more than one installer come to your home to discuss your hot water and heating needs. They can then suggest boiler models that are likely to be suitable for your home.

2. Get a Quote

Before agreeing to boiler installation, you should ask installers to provide estimates of the cost of the installation. This quote should include not only the cost of purchasing the boiler, but also the cost of fitting it and carrying out any necessary changes to your home heating or hot water system. If you get multiple quotes, you can compare them to work out which installer is able to offer you the best deal.

3. Prepare for the Installation

Most boiler replacements can be completed in a single day. If extensive changes to the system are necessary, the process could take longer. Your installer should let you know in advance how long the installation should take.

Prepare for the installation by moving any furniture or personal items out of the way of the boiler so the technicians have space to work. As they might need to turn the water off for a while, you should ensure that you have enough water to drink and that everyone has showered or bathed prior to the start of the installation.

4. Learn How to Work the New Boiler

After they have installed the new boiler and got your system up and running again, the installer will show you how the controls work. You should find out how to turn the boiler on and off and what to do if it is not working properly.

There might be maintenance tasks that you need to perform periodically, such as bleeding the radiators or topping up the system pressure. Ask your installer about maintenance if they do not mention it during the handover.

If it is a smart boiler, there will be additional functions that give you more control over how the boiler works. Your installer should leave you an owner's manual that describes in detail all of the boiler's functions and controls.

Contact a company that offers boiler system installation services to learn more.