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Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning in Your Home

A relaxing home environment needs to be cool and comfortable, so everyone can wind down rather than stress and swelter during the summer. One convenient way to look after the entire house is to install ducted air conditioning. Consider the following benefits.

Seamless Look

These systems carry cool air to the rooms via a duct network that travels through the roof, leading to the room-vents. Thus, the only visible components are discreet vents that seamlessly blend with the decor. Conversely, with multi-zone or single air conditioning systems, large bulky units protrude from the wall. For each space you want to be cool, you'll have another cumbersome unit to deal with. They can look particularly intrusive in small areas because to create a sense of spaciousness, you need to eliminate visual clutter rather than increase it.

Zoned Control

Using a ductless air conditioning system, you can divide your home into different zones to enable you to target specific rooms. For example, you could direct more coolness to the living areas where people are relaxing while blocking it from unoccupied rooms. As a result, you'll be able to manage your air conditioning more efficiently and lower your energy bills.

Peace and Quiet

A ducted air conditioning system has one compressor situated away from bedrooms and living areas, so you can enjoy the cool air without listening to a noisy outdoor unit. In single or multi-split systems, depending on the setup, you might need more than one compressor unit which is typically located relatively close to the indoor component. Because compressors can be loud, they can ruin the peace and enjoyment of your home. 

Powerful and Convenient

Ducted air conditioning is especially ideal for cooling large or multi-storey homes. As the ducts can run through the roof or other building components, the network can easily extend to all areas. Plus, you won't have to walk into each room separately to adjust the cooling, as you can conveniently change the settings from the central control panel. Because these ducted systems are so powerful, you'll be able to make the home comfortable quickly.

Thus, ducted air conditioning provides a range of benefits. The vents seamlessly blend into a room, and you'll not have to worry about bulky indoor units. Plus, you'll have the power to cool the entire home quickly, with the discretion to target specific rooms over others. The outdoor unit can also be positioned away from your living spaces so it won't ruin your home's tranquillity.

To learn more about ducted air conditioning, contact a local HVAC contractor.