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Two Signs Your AC Is On the Blink That Should Compel You to Seek Repairs

Despite how invaluable your air conditioning system is during the summer, and most of the year when you factor in Australia's temperate climatic conditions, it is still easy to overlook the need to schedule professional maintenance. While this may seem to save you on seemingly unnecessary expenses if your AC is in functional order, you likely are setting yourself up for expensive repairs down the road since minor issues that are not bothersome at the onset will only get aggravated with time.

Before you know it, your AC starts to functional erratically and you may think that these issues are spontaneous yet they all stem from the lack of regular tune-ups. Before you ignore some of these symptoms by presuming they will resolve on their own, here are two signs that your AC is on the blink that should compel you to seek repairs.

Your interiors are warm

The first thing you should know is that warm air inside your home while the AC is running does not automatically mean that this system is on the decline. In some cases, you may have damaged seals on both your window frames and your door frames that allow the radiant heat from the outdoors to filter into the home. So, how can you tell if your air conditioning system is the culprit? The best way to do so would be holding up your hands directly at the vents.

If the air is indeed warm, the most common cause would be loose electrical parts, which impede the functioning of both the compressor and the condenser. An AC specialist should come and investigate if this is indeed the cause and consequently restore functioning to these components. However, if the compressor or the condenser has failed, replacement would be the only solution.

Your interiors smell

The second warning sign of your air conditioning system is on the blink that you should not take lightly is a strong stench in your home any time it is in operation. In this scenario, there are two issues that you should be wary of. For starters, the system has likely sprung a leak, which leads to excessive condensation pooling inside it. The more moisture collecting inside the air conditioning unit unchecked, the higher the likelihood that other components will be affected, as it is only a matter of time before the condensate spreads and this could cause extensive corrosion.

In addition to this, when there is moisture inside the system, it creates a breeding ground for mould. The growth of mould spores causes the AC system to circulate a musty odour each time it is in operation and this is most likely the offensive smell you detect. Air conditioning repair will be crucial for determining the location of the leak and diagnosing its cause.

To learn more, reach out to a local air conditioning repair service.