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A Couple of Systems to Mull Over When Gearing Up for Residential AC Installation

When your old air conditioning system starts to show signs of deterioration, whether due to age, overuse or malfunction, you could be scrambling to ensure that it does not go on the fritz before you replace it with a new system. Admittedly, living in Australia does make air conditioning a must-have for your home.

However, you should not let the panic of your current system breaking down and the subsequent threat of living in stifling heat and humidity rush your decision or you may end up purchasing the same type of old unit you had, which will likely require replacement in the short term. Instead, you should deliberate on the different options available so that you can make an informed decision to upgrade your air conditioning unit. Check out a couple of the various systems to mull over when gearing up for residential AC installation.

Unitary air conditioning systems

More commonly referred to as window units, the unitary AC systems are referred to as such since all the different components that the system comprises are housed in one box. Since it is installed at the window, the system is designed to cool a single room at a time, making it best suited to small spaces. Additionally, because the installation of this system does not require structural changes to your home, it is an ideal option for rentals.

Although window units are the most affordable air conditioning system you can consider, it does come with two major drawbacks. First, it is also the noisiest system that you can invest in, making it unsuited to individuals that value peace in their residence. Secondly, it is less efficient than other option in the market since you would require a different unit for each room that you want to cool in your home.

Split air conditioning systems

If you are looking for enhanced flexibility from your new air conditioning system without having to pay for extensive renovations to your property, a split system air conditioning system will be right up your alley. It is characterised by the two separate units that it comprises, which are an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is outfitted with a cooling fan and the evaporator whereas the outdoor unit is made up of the condenser, compressor and an expansion valve.

Split air conditioning systems are one of the more popular options for Aussie homeowners since they offer zoning capabilities, which means you can select which rooms in the home to keep cool or not. This zoning is a major reason why split system AC systems are considered to be one of the most energy-efficient solutions in the market. It is also worth noting that the noise emitted by this system comes from the outdoor unit, so you can be assured of silent operation indoors. 

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