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What You Need to Know About Split Air System Repairs

Spring is that time of the year when all flowers bloom and pollen fills the air. While the smells can be beautiful, they can also create many allergens, and if your AC is not working properly, you might end up sneezing a lot and dealing with many types of allergic reactions. 

A split air conditioner system is normally designed such that the compressor part of the unit is located outside the house. The fact that part of the system is outside the house has its merits and demerits. First, the location ensures all moisture from home is expelled. However, if the filters are not working well, a lot of dirt from the environment can find its way back into the house. Here is what you need to know about split system repairs. 

The Power Supply System Is Crucial

The first thing you need to know about your split Ac system is that it only works when the unit's power supply is working well. If the power supply to the AC part of the system is not working, the whole unit stalls. Also, note that the wiring could be okay, but the system will not work if the thermostat is not working. Check all electrical components of your system from the wiring to the circuit breakers and all other components. If the components are functioning well, but the unit still won't work, you can call in an AC repair professional for repairs. 

The Fan Determines How Well the System Will Cool

When it is hot inside, the system cools down air, and the fan blows it into the house, cooling down the temperature. If the fan stops working, this exchange of hot and cold air becomes impaired. If the fan stops working, it might be because there is ice build-up in the internal coil. Electrical problems also affect the function of the fan. The AC experts can address problems with the fan.

Moisture Can Lead to Mould in the System

Another common problem that you should aim to avoid in the system is moisture. The combination of warmth and moisture creates an ideal environment for mould. Mould spores cause nasty allergies, and black mould can be poisonous.

It is advisable to call an HVAC expert for repairs as soon as you realize that your split AC system is not functioning properly. This will minimize the possibility of creating bigger issues with DIY repairs.