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Free Advice to get Everything Right With Your Ducted Heat Pump

Having a good quality HVAC is a necessity in most homes. They come in handy when inclement weather makes things unbearable in your indoor space. The cold season can be particularly severe when it comes to your comfort. The worst-case scenario is when it gets to your health and triggers things such as allergic reactions. Thankfully, you can manage the cold season using ducted heat pumps. They distribute heat within your indoor space, keeping the place habitable for everyone. Going for a ducted heat pump is a wise decision, and the following discussion will help you understand more about the system: 

Defining the Pump

Ducted heat pumps are a mechanism you can use to heat up rooms during cold weather. They get their name from their layout that incorporates several ducts. The ducts' purpose is to run across the rooms, supplying air at the desired temperature for a heating or cooling effect. You have two options when it comes to the location of the ducted heat pump. The first one is your attic, where the pump sits in the space between the roof and the ceiling. Secondly, you can have it in an ideal space beneath the floor, such as a basement.

The Working Mechanism of a Ducted Heat Pump

The ducted heat pump starts by drawing warm air from outside and putting that air through a specialised heat exchanger. The heat exchanger works on the air and ensures that it at the right temperature before releasing it to the ducts for circulation. The heat exchanger alters the temperature of the incoming air according to the thermostat settings you input. A centralised thermostat means that your HVAC system can distribute an even temperature in the whole house or map the settings to certain areas of the house. For example, you can switch to heat bedrooms only during the night. Another useful setting is the one that turns the pump a few minutes before you can wake up in the morning. 

The Benefits You Enjoy

Ducted heat pumps are an energy-efficient method of managing your indoor ventilation needs. The variable settings ensure that the system only works in areas where you need it. It also has a simple working mechanism that banks on natural air and a heat exchanger. Furthermore, there is always a good guarantee of getting a product that best fits your needs. The best vendors and manufacturers put their pumps through quality tests for the best customer experience. For example, a pump that has undergone the low noise test ensures that the noise is low enough to allow you to carry on with your activities when the equipment is running.

For more information on ducted heat pumps, reach out to a local HVAC contractor.