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5 Signs That Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repairs

Air conditioning problems never seem to happen at a convenient time. Often, it's extreme weather conditions that push a faulty or old air conditioning system beyond what it's capable of. The best strategy for ensuring you don't have air conditioning emergencies is to ensure your system is well-maintained. This will avoid, though not eliminate, frequent instances of failing air conditioning systems. Continue reading for 5 signs that your air conditioning system needs repairs.

Weak Airflow

One of the most common air conditioning systems is weak airflow. Often, it's a result of dirty air vents or a clogged air filter that obstructs airflow. Debris or dirt in the ducts could also cause a restriction of airflow. Regular maintenance is crucial in keeping your air conditioning unit at optimal functionality. Cleaning the vents and changing the air filter will probably restore the unit back to normal. Call an experienced air conditioning contractor to diagnose and repair your unit. 

Moisture Near Your System

If you notice leaks or moisture around your system, you may have a problem. This may be a minor issue like a blockage in the drain tube that channels away condensation from the air conditioner. This may not be an emergency, but you'll still need to fix it as soon as possible to avoid creating an environment for the growth of mould. Sometimes, moisture can be a sign of a refrigerant leak, which is a more serious issue. Either way, you'll need a contractor to address the issue quickly to prevent any further problems. 

Unusual Sounds

Your air conditioner should be fairly quiet. While you may notice some mild sounds from the motor, you should call your air conditioning contractor if you hear squealing, grating, grinding, or any other loud sounds. The sooner you address the sounds, the better the system will run. Often, the expert can remedy the situation before you need to replace your unit entirely. 

Unusual Burning or Pungent Smells

The air coming from your air conditioning unit should be free of any smells or odours. A strong or pungent smell may be a sign of burnt wire insulation within the system. This burning wire needs to be replaced immediately. If there are musty smells, this is a sign of mould, which may put you and your family at risk of respiratory diseases.

High Humidity Levels

Part of the air conditioner's job is to pull humidity from your home's air. If you notice pools of water around your windows or if the air in your home feels sticky and heavy, then your AC isn't working efficiently. Call an expert to determine the cause of the problem and fix it.

Have you noticed any of these problems with your air conditioning system? Call an air conditioning repair contractor to inspect and fix the issues.