HVAC Installation and Maintenance

Split Systems: 3 Maintenance Secrets to Keep Them in Perfect Shape

Split air conditioning systems have become very popular today, and that's why most homeowners have installed them in their homes. These AC units don't just come with affordable pricing, but they are also easy to install and have high energy efficiency. And although split systems don't require high maintenance like the central AC units, routine maintenance is necessary if you want to keep them in good condition throughout the year. Do you want to know what you could do to have a more efficient split system and extend its lifespan? Keep reading! 

Ensure the Filters Are Always Clean

Unlike cleaning the split system's outer sections, cleaning its filters is more detailed. If you tamper with the air filters when cleaning them, the system might develop a more serious problem. For this reason, hire a qualified technician to clean the filters because they know what they should do to ensure the cleaning process is thorough and safe. 

Most AC technicians use a dry cloth to clean the filters. However, if they find the filters are dirtier than they anticipated, they may opt to replace them. As a rule of thumb ensure you clean the filters every 30 days. If you don't, the unit won't have a long-term and efficient operation. 

Keep Its Outer Sections Clean

Keeping the outer parts of your split system clean may seem simple. However, it's one of the easiest maintenance practices that most homeowners either neglect or forget. If these parts are always dirty, your air conditioning unit might not meet your cooling requirements. Check whether any debris or dust has accumulated on the outer parts and clean them. Debris and other elements usually accumulate on these areas quite often due to inclement weather. And since you may not clean the outer sections properly, it's good to get a competent technician to do it for you.

Inspect the Pipes

For your split air conditioner to work more effectively, the air should flow efficiently from the outdoor unit to its indoor fans. Any blockage within the pathway or pipe could make the unit inefficient. If you don't inspect the pipes of your split system for a while, debris and dirt and other forms of grime may build-up. Checking the pipes also helps you to know when they develop leaks. That's why most AC technicians first inspect the pipes before they clean the filters.

Hiring an AC technician to inspect, clean and maintain the split system routinely is a proactive approach that every homeowner should embrace. When your split air conditioner is in bad shape, it's hard to meet your family's comfort and health needs. So, if you have installed a split system in your home, consider hiring an air conditioning technician to inspect it and clean its outer sections and filters as required.