HVAC Installation and Maintenance

Signs You Need to Get a New Air Conditioning System

Although effective servicing and care can help extend the longevity of your air conditioner, it is important to understand that this system isn't designed to last forever. Over time you will realise that the system is becoming faulty more regularly, making it impossible to sustain its effectiveness. If this happens, it will be impossible for you to reduce humidity levels in your home, and the summer heat will make your home very uncomfortable. As such, homeowners need to know when to replace the old air conditioning system. Below are a few signs that show that you need to consult with your air conditioning installation expert to get a new system.

The system is extensively damaged

Your primary reason for investing in an air conditioning system is to get sufficient cold air to cool your home. However, if you are not getting the cold air, you'll know something is wrong with your unit. Perhaps some components need to be replaced or repaired so the system can work efficiently. When you call a technician to examine the issue and the findings reveal that the unit is extensively damaged, you shouldn't repair it. It'll be better to replace the unit instead.

The AC has outlived its lifespan

Like other electrical appliances, your air conditioning is bound to lose its effectiveness over the years. So, if you have used your AC for more than a decade and your cooling needs aren't being met, you should consider getting a new unit. Old units tend to be problematic even if they are serviced or repaired regularly, and the only way to avoid spending more on this is to invest in a new model. After all, you have already attained a return on your investment and it's time to upgrade to a more technologically advanced unit.

Your air conditioner isn't efficient

For most homeowners, the electricity takes up a significant part of the monthly utility bill. This is because most people rely on this energy source for lighting, cooking and running appliances and other systems in the home like the heating and cooling system. If your air conditioner's energy-saving rating is low, you will incur more expenses to run the system and spend a lot of money over the years to run the system. The best way to cut back on your energy expenses is to get a new unit that's more efficient. The latest models are designed to help conserve energy, so it shouldn't be difficult to find a suitable model.