HVAC Installation and Maintenance

How Can You Tell that Your Heating System Needs Repair?

There is nothing that is more uncomfortable than having to live in a house that gets too hot in the heat of the summer or gets cold spots in the heart of the winter. The HVAC system you install is supposed to manage the high temperatures in the summer by regulating them downwards, while the gas heater or furnace is supposed to bring the temperature up to normal levels in the cold of the winter. When the systems are not working, you are left dealing with countless complications such as footing large heating bills, cold water in the shower, and complete discomfort in your own home. It is possible to tell when these critical systems are failing, and look for a way to repair or replace them before they ground your operations.

Cold Air in the Home

One of the first warning signs that a gas heater or furnace gives when it starts malfunctioning is that it starts blowing cold air all over the home. Most of the issues that show up as cold air are connected to the motor in the blower fan of the furnace. When the motor is broken or has other problems, the furnace lacks the capacity to blow warm air all over the house. The result is cold spots inside the house. Another common cause of cold air could be a broken pilot light or heat exchanger. This leads to the gas heater not running at all, which means temperatures inside the house remain the same.

The Age of the Gas Heater

Another common indicator that a gas heater needs replacement is its age. At their best, these heaters will give you between eight and fifteen years of excellent heating service. Beyond that age, the parts start deteriorating and their ability to efficiently heat the home diminishes. If you bought an old house and found systems there, have an HVAC expert have a look at them to determine the SEER rating. If the rating is 8 or less, consider replacing it.

The Heating Bill

Another common telltale sign of a heater which needs replacement is an increase in the heating bill. If you haven't installed a new appliance that needs gas to heat, yet your bill keeps going up, it would be best to have an HVAC expert check your gas heater to determine if they need replacing.

Once you notice these signs of inefficient heating in the home, the next step should be calling in an HVAC expert to assess your system and recommend a solution to your heating problems.