HVAC Installation and Maintenance

Three Signs that You Need a New HVAC System

There is nothing that is more disturbing that having a HVAC system that is not functioning as it should. The HVAC system is supposed to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, without increasing the energy expenditure beyond normal. On the other hand, when your HVAC system is not functioning as it should, you start dealing with complications such as a house that has cold spots, rooms that will never get to the desired thermostat temperature and others. It is advisable to look out for the signs that your HVAC is weakening, and when you realise it is, get a professional to help with the replacement. Here are the most obvious indicators that you need a new air conditioning installation.

An Increase in the Running Time

The first sign that will show you that your HVAC's efficiency is reducing is an increase in the running time. As the SEER rating of the unit increases, it takes a longer period to bring the temperatures down to the desired rating. You will notice that for instance, a unit which was taking an hour to regulate extremely high temperatures on a sunny day is now taking two hours. In this case, you could check whether it is the thermostat which is faulty. However, if you find that the thermostat is okay, then the entire unit may need replacing.

Loud Noises

It is normal for the HVAC system to get louder with age; however, there are some extremely loud and distinctive noises which will indicate that you need a new HVAC system. For instance, the blower humming louder than it used to indicates that there is a problem with the motor. Another issue is the furnace groaning and burning, which shows that the unit is struggling to function. Hearing noises before starting the AC unit is also another sign of trouble. 

Endless Repairs

Another common indication that you need to replace the unit is when the repairs become too much. If you make a calculation of the cost you are going through to repair your unit and discover that the SEER has fallen below 8, you would be better off replacing the unit altogether.

These are the three common indications that your HVAC is not working as it should. Always consult a professional for the assessment. They will also determine your HVAC needs and recommend a unit which will serve you efficiently and for a long time.