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When to Go Ducted

Are you interested in making an investment in a new air conditioner? If so, there are two primary types of air conditioners that you can choose from. These are ducted air conditioners and split-system air conditioners.

There are significant differences between the two that make each option more viable than the other in particular situations. This article provides a few scenarios in which ducted air conditioning would be the most viable option for your residential air conditioning needs.

When Noise Is an Issue

One of the main reasons many people go for ducted air conditioning is the fact that ducted conditioners are inherently less noisy. This is because the moving components of the air conditioner are installed in discreet locations that are relatively far away from your indoor living spaces.

In most cases, the moving components of a ducted air conditioning system will be installed on the roof or within the attic. Therefore, you will not have to worry about noise-related problems with ducted air conditioning.

When Aesthetics Are of Importance

Another scenario that would make ducted air conditioning the right choice is if you are overly concerned about the aesthetics of your home. Because the air conditioner will be installed in a discreet location, it will not take away from the aesthetic value of your home simply because it is not even visible.

With ducted air conditioning, there are no bulky outdoor units that have to be installed on your yard or right below your windows. In such a scenario, therefore, ducted air conditioners would be the most ideal choice.

When There Are Several Storeys

Multi-storeyed structures often present a challenge when it comes to air conditioning. If you were to opt for split-system air conditioning for a multi-storeyed building, you would have to invest in a multi-split system conditioner.

This essentially means that you would need to have a separate unit for each storey of the building. This can be quite expensive, and it is the reason why ducted air conditioning is preferred for multi-storeyed buildings.

A ducted system allows you to connect all storeys of the building to the central air conditioner through a series of ducts that are either installed on the floor or within the wall cavity. Therefore, a single ducted air conditioner can cater for all your AC needs on all floors without the need for an additional unit.

Ducted air conditioning is the way to go in a lot of situations. Reach out to an air conditioning installation company to learn more.