HVAC Installation and Maintenance

How to Effectively Maintain Your Split-System Air Conditioning

Split-system air conditioning units prove to be an efficient and affordable cooling option. Thus, you should ensure they are always in the best condition. It is easy to forget about the device keeping your house cool. However, failing to maintain your split-system air conditioning will affect its effectiveness and durability. Maintenance of certain things with your unit is best left to the professionals. However, there are steps you can take to increase the durability of your residential air conditioning. Here are some maintenance tips for keeping your split-system air conditioning in the best shape.

Clean the Outside

Ensuring the unit is free from dirt and debris will keep your unit in the best condition. Once dirt and dust accumulate on the device, they will likely find a way into the operating unit. That will then lead to severe problems. Thus, keep the outside of your unit clean at all times. It will be easy to clean it weekly. All you need is a wet cloth and a gentle chemical cleaner. You should also make sure that no dirt and debris can access the outdoor vents. That way, you will prevent clogging in your device.

Turn the Device Off

Cleaning more than the outside is critical if you want to get optimal performance all the time. Before you begin cleaning the interior of the AC, switch off all the components. Failing to do that will increase the possibility of causing damage. You may also end up getting electrocuted. Thus, you should turn off both the interior and exterior circuits before you begin any serious cleaning. Once your AC is off, leave it for a while to cool down. It is dangerous to begin maintenance procedures immediately after the unit is off.

Call in the Experts

You can do a lot by yourself to keep the unit in top shape. However, you need to call the professionals to ensure that everything is okay. Before working with any specialist, ensure that they have the right qualifications. Trained experts should inspect your residential air conditioning at least once every year. They will inspect the drain hoses to make sure they are not blocked. These professionals also analyse all the electrical connections. They will then repair any issues they find with these components. That is vital in ensuring the peak performance of your unit. 


Air conditioning is vital to ensure your living space is comfortable. However, if you do not maintain your unit, the efficiency reduces. Follow the guidelines given to make sure the unit works effectively always. If you do not have the time to carry out the needed maintenance, find a company that offers residential air conditioning services to help you.